HALAL Certified

All products of Vaadi Herbals Pvt. Ltd. have been assessed and are certified HALAL in accordance with Islamic Shariah Law and permitted for Muslim community. All the manufacturing facilities have been verified through inspection and review that products manufactured are HALAL in accordance with Islamic procedures.

Vaadi Herbals have been awarded this certificate by LMS Assessment Services in association with the International Halal Integrity Alliance (“IHI Alliance”) & Dubai Accreditation Center, one of the largest and most well recognized certification bodies in the world.

Certified HALAL in association with:

What does HALAL Certification mean and stand for?

Halal certification mean that all products are manufactured under feisty hygiene conditions adhering to Cosmetics Safety and Quality Control with modern infrastructure. The processing machinery are not and have not been used for processing of Haraam (Islamically forbidden) substances. The products contain no Haraam and Harmful ingredients, Alcohol, Intoxicates, Chemical substances and other material of impurities in any form, whole or part which are or have been derived from Terrestrial & Marine Animals, Pork, Lard and by products, Birds, Blood, Bones, living & dead insects, or any components produced from genetically modified or engineered organisms obtained through bio technology.

The products are free from foreign odor, free from all illegal dyes and rodent contamination. Hence the products are certified Halal in accordance with Islamic Shariah Law and permitted for Muslim community.